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Fördegym at Model United Nations

As the delegates of Chile, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Haiti, Japan, Paraguay, and Sweden, we would like to share our experience of the Model United Nations 2024.

Model United Nations (MUN) simulates conferences of the United Nations, allowing participants to represent different countries and their perspectives. In preparation, we developed position papers for each of our assigned countries.
Unsure of what to expect, we gathered on the campus on Thursday. Our time began with an introductory seminar where the rules and procedures were explained. After gaining initial experience in debating, we attended a workshop on the topic of air pollution.

Starting on Friday, we participated in six conferences over the course of three days, discussing the topics of “World in Flames: Forest Wildfires” and “Air Pollution in Urban Areas” in the Economic and Social Council.
Initially, it was challenging to adhere to all the formal debate rules, but over time, it became routine. We became accustomed to giving speeches, introducing motions, conducting research, and more. Additionally, we grew comfortable with our fellow delegates, many of whom were international students our age, and opened up during the debates.

What we, as the English profile of the 12th grade from the Fördegym, took away from this event includes gaining insight into the work of actual delegates, learning new vocabulary, developing our English language skills, and meeting people from almost all around the world.

Honorable readers, as the delegates of Fördegym, we would like to introduce the motion to close this article.

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