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+++ Liveticker Erasmus +++

Today was the first day of our meeting in Bergen op Zoom for the Erasmus project.
It was a nice day and we got to know the new guys of our team. After a little warm up with dancing and singing we had a really good presentation about how to reach our goals. It was a motivating and cool day.
By Chantal

Today we had a presentation on how to introduce entrepreneurship into the school curriculum and thereafter we talked about our website. We tried to improve the “WeLearn” website in groups which was quite difficult! After a break of more than one hour, in which we walked through scenic “Bergen op Zoom “, we had a workshop on marketing our website using modern media. Tonight there is a social activity: we are going to play pool.

At ten o’ clock we met at school to work at our project. We spoke about Long Term Goals and Marketing.
Afterwards we went into town, because we wanted to visit “Markiezenhof”, a city palace in Bergen op Zoom. In the evening we had some family time.
By Amélie

We visited Rotterdam on the last day of our trip. After a one hour bus ride we had a little tour through Rotterdam and afterwards some time for shopping and sightseeing. Back in Bergen op Zoom we had a nice last evening at the place of one of the host’s.
By Johanna

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