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Live aus London

Early in the morning our journey to London started. We met at the school at 6.30 am and a shuttle service took us to the airport of Hamburg, where our plane should depart at 10.25am.
Unfortunately we have been delate, because there had been problems with the board computer, so we arrived nearly one hour later than planned in London Heathrow. But our driver welcomed us friendlily and we drove throw the highway to ‘tolworth girls school’. There we have already been greeted – with cookies and coffee.
We spend a nice noon in the Library of the school and met all the others from the project, which was amazing. Only the Italians didn’t yet arrived (once again).
But in the afternoon we were finally completely united so that the official program can start. We had to do some so called ‘ice-braking-challenges’ to warm up and to get to know our hosts, which was quite funny and revealed some unknown talents..
Afterwards we were already free to go, so everybody spent their evening differently: some went shopping, some ice-skating and others to restaurants to eat something.
All in all we may say our first day in London was enjoyable.

On Friday we went to the British Library, where we had a workshop on Entrepreneurship. We got some quite good ideas on how to develop and improve our business idea.
In the evening we went to see James Bond ‘Specter’ in a cinema in Kingston.

28. November

Today we had a lot of activities at Tolworth Girls´ School.
There was a presentation from the marketing director of the London “Imperial War Museum”
about how to create a brand. And after that we created our own logo for the website “WeLearn”,
therefore we had to work in international groups, which was very interesting.
One hour later everybody created his or her own profile for our website.
In the evening we all met at “Pizza Express” in Kingston for dinner!
29. November

Sunday is our last day in London. We made a sightseeing tour by coach and passed the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and of course the Big Ben. Then the coach just dropped us off at
“Camden Market” which is part of London where you can find a lot of food markets and other shops like “Vans” and “Adidas”. Camden is really international! Two hours later our coach picked us up there. After that we were allowed to go to Oxford Street and also to visit some other places
we always wanted to see in London. It was great fun and everybody enjoyed it.
Finally there was a party in Tolworth which everybody from the Erasmus project joined!

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